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Who is Ninon?

Lifelong Interest

Hi! I’m Ninon and for as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in cosmetic care and everything related to it. When I was young, I was already experimenting with make-up and nail polish. From playing with my mom’s lipstick to putting on bad eyeliner from my own little make-up box. As I got older, I started experimenting more with nail polish and nail art. My dream, of course, was to some day have my own practice or nail salon.

Well, practice makes perfect, so finally I’ve made my hobby into my passion, and my passion into my job.

Education to Professional

Even though I started with a hospitality education after high school, I didn’t find my passion there. I went on into retail, but that also fell short of me doing what I loved doing. Then I started my education for pedicures with Kaledi Beauty Academy. I completed this with a lot of joy. During this time, I found out that my passion was definitely more in this direction.

After some careful deliberation I decided to also be educated as a nail stylist. This allowed me to focus on both aspects, both the beauty side of things, and the care side. In spite of it being an education, I had a lot of fun. I could really unleash my creativity here.

Eventually I started my own company in October of 2017, Beauty & care by Ninon. I’ve been working on this ever since, with great love and passion.

Leading from Experience

During my courses and education, a whole new world of products and tools opened itself up to me. In my own personal life I’ve been using high-quality care products for years. During my teenage years I found out that I am allergic to perfumes. Along with my mom, we started looking for good, suitable products. I wanted to continue doing this in my practice and sales. That’s why my products are free of perfumes, for example. Everything is connected like this. From treatments to care products.

Another passion of mine is sustainability. As much as possible, I try to take into account animal well-being and the environment. Of course, I also wanted to make this a part of the nail salon. You can read a bit more about this further below.

What do we value?

This is what we care about.

Animal Friendly
and Sustainable

We actively seek out vegan products that are not tested on animals and that minimally impact the environment.

and Diplomas

We regularly take part in extra courses in order to guarantee the best service to our clients.

Casual and

Because there's always room for a joke and a good conversation. We'll provide a pleasant, informal atmosphere.

The Practice

Relaxation and Hygiene

I had a certain vision for Beauty & care by Ninon. It had to emanate calm, peace, and luxury. This is why the practice consists of light colors and furniture. An oasis of peace. It is fully equipped with all kinds of comforts to give you the ultimate experience. Relax and recharge your batteries while enjoying some tea or coffee and a good conversation.

Hygiene is also an important part. Pedicure treatments are done in a work uniform. All instruments are carefully cleaned and disinfected by using an ultrasonic device and a special, antifungal fluid. Furthermore, towels and other such items are each only used for one customer. We care deeply about hygiene and we will actively prioritize it. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask during a treatment. We’re happy to explain what we do and how and why.

Sustainable Products

We care about sustainability. That’s why we actively try to make the practice more sustainable. You can also see this when you check out our product range. Not a single product has been tested on animals and the great majority of products we use and sell are vegan. The complementary tea and coffee are fair trade.

Aside from that, we work with LED lights, we separate our trash, recycle, and we aim to work digitally and paper-free as much as possible. If you have any tips on how we can become even more sustainable, we would love to invite you over and talk about your suggestion.

In the practice you can check out, try, and purchase various products. Are you curious yet? Come by soon!

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