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Everything you want to know about our disclaimer, terms and conditions, cookies, and privacy. Beauty & care by Ninon reserves the right to alter any and all of these sections.


The texts below (regarding our terms and conditions and policies for cookies and privacy) were written with readability and comprehensibility as priorities. If you still have any questions about something, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further clarification.

Terms and Conditions


Beauty & care by Ninon applies the following terms and conditions, which the customer automatically agrees with by setting an appointment.

These terms and conditions apply to every treatment, sale, and transaction between Beauty & care by Ninon and the customer.

1. Appointments

Appointments can be set up through our website (www.beautyandcarebyninon.nl), by phone ((+31) 6 2882 0934) or by email (info@beautyandcarebyninon.nl).

We expect you to arrive to your appointment on time. If you’re late, we are required to dock this time from your treatment. In case you’re delayed for more than 15 (fifteen) minutes, this will result in a cancellation of your appointment. We can no longer guarantee a high quality treatment then. This appointment will be added to the bill of your next visit. If there is no new appointment, we will send you the bill.

2. Cancellation

Appointments can only be cancelled or rescheduled by phone and at least 24 hours beforehand. Failure to do so will result in the entire appointment being billed on your next visit, or the bill will be sent to you. During treatments the phone will not be answered. However, you can leave a voicemail message which will count as a cancellation. Clearly state your name, phone number, and date and time of the appointment in question. If the customer has an appointment on a Monday, this can be cancelled at the latest on Saturday before 12:00 (noon).

Beauty & care by Ninon will inform the customer by phone at the earliest possible moment in the case of a delay, prior to the appointment.
Both parties do not have to abide by these terms and conditions if they are hindered by force majeure. Force majeure is that which is described in legal documents and jurisprudence.

3. Personal information and privacy

During the first appointment, we will request some personal information that is essential to properly complete the requested treatments. This information is noted, kept, and secured according to guidelines of the Law for the Protection of Personal Information (“Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens”; also see our privacy policy for more information). Beauty & care by Ninon will not sell or distribute its customers’ personal information to third parties, nor will third parties be able to view or access this information.

4. Secrecy

Beauty & care by Ninon is obligated to keep all confidential information that a customers shares before, during, or after a treatment a secret. This information is confidential and will be treated as such (see our privacy policy for more information). This secrecy can only be set aside if there is a legal reason to do so (e.g. a warrant from law enforcement).

5. Damages and/or theft

Beauty & care by Ninon has the right to bill the customer for damages, if the customer damages furniture, equipment, products, or anything else in the salon. Beauty & care by Ninon is not liable for any damages, if the customer has provided incorrect or incomplete information regarding any physical ailments, sensitivities, complications, medicinal use, activities or hobbies. Furthermore, Beauty & care by Ninon is not liable for any losses, theft, or damages to personal property that the customer brought to the salon.

Theft will always be reported to law enforcement and will result in charges being filed.

6. Payment

Beauty & care by Ninon states the pricing for all treatments and products visibly in the salon and including VAT. Payments can be made with cash or bank transfer. Payments are due immediately after the treatment. Beauty & care by Ninon will inform the customer of the financial consequences of changing a treatment and any possible additional fees that come up during the course of a treatment.

Sales and offers are valid during their stated time frame and/or as long as our supply allows. Beauty & care by Ninon reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions, pricing, and/or time frames without prior notification.

Gift certificates are valid for 1 (one) year after their purchase. The end date is stated on the gift certificate. The value of the gift certificate will be subtracted from the treatment. Any remaining costs can be paid after the treatment. Gift certificates cannot be exchanged for cash. Furthermore, gift certificates can be spent in multiple parts. Gift certificates can be spent on both treatments and products.

All stated pricing is with reservation to changes and/or errors.

7. Warranty

Beauty & care by Ninon gives the customer a warranty of seven days on treatments and products. The warranty is only given if the customer followed the advice of Beauty & care by Ninon. During the treatment, Beauty & care by Ninon will inform the customer what these requirements are.

The warranty will be considered null and void if:

  • The customer used products that Beauty & care by Ninon does not advise;
  • The customer did not use the recommended products as advised;
  • The customer did not use the recommended products according to their manual;
  • The customer has an allergic reaction;
  • The customer used his/her (artificial) nails as a tool;
  • The customer neglected his/her (artificial) nails;
  • The customer removed or damaged his/her (artificial) nails;
  • Or if the customer did not follow other care practices.

8. Complaints

At Beauty & care by Ninon we try to perform all treatments in proper ways. If a customer is unsatisfied about a treatment or a product, the customer should make this known as soon as possible after the treatment, but within two weeks. Complaints are to submitted both orally and in written form to Beauty & care by Ninon. An answer and/or solution will be provided as soon as possible, but within five business days. If the complaint is declared as justified, the treatment will be re-done, unless the customer indicates that this has become demonstrably useless. If a complaint about a product has been declared as justified, the cost of the product will be partially or entirely compensated.

If the customer and Beauty & care by Ninon cannot reach an agreement, the complainant can submit the dispute to a lawyer or a mediator.

9. Appropriate behavior

The customer is expected to behave according to commonly accepted norms and values. If the customer still displays inappropriate behavior after repeated warnings, the customer will be denied access to the salon. Beauty & care by Ninon reserves the right to deny customers whose personal hygiene has significant room for improvement.

10. Rights

Every agreement between Beauty & care by Ninon and the customer falls under Dutch law. The terms and conditions have been published on the website www.beautyandcarebyninon.nl, are visible in the salon, and available upon request. If additional clarification is needed, the Dutch texts are determinative. The latest, published version is applicable (13-3-2019).

Beauty & care by Ninon is not liable and cannot be held accountable for what visitors, users, or customers post on the website or social media, for example in response to a message. These responses are the personal opinion of its author and do not reflect in any way the positions or beliefs of Beauty & care by Ninon. Beauty & care by Ninon cannot be held responsible for visitors, users, and customers who post copyrighted materials.

Beauty & care by Ninon diligently tries to ensure accuracy in compiling, creating, and spreading information, but cannot be liable for the correctness or completeness thereof. We do not accept responsibility for any damages that were caused by the use of the provided (incomplete or inaccurate) information on the website or social media. Anonymous responses with the sole purpose of disparaging the author or related persons or companies will be removed without discussion.

The information on the website is provided as is. You cannot take, copy, multiply, or use any of the copyrighted or other published material without written permission from Beauty & care by Ninon. Despite care and diligence on our side, it is possible for incorrect or incomplete information to be available on the website.
No rights can be derived from information on the website, social media, and advertisements. You can only derive rights from written communications with Beauty & care by Ninon.
The website and its various components are the property of Beauty & care by Ninon.

Cookie Policy


Beauty & care by Ninon utilizes various cookies to ensure that the website functions optimally. These cookies are set up in ways that safeguard your privacy as much as possible. Read more about cookie policy below.

Utilized cookies

Google Analytics
Google’s cookies help us with insights in how users make use of the website. The information these cookies collect are anonymized as much as possible. This ensures that a particular set of information cannot be traced back to a specific user and that this user’s privacy is protected as much as possible.

Facebook Pixel
Facebook’s cookies collect and provide information that is similar to Google’s, with similar purposes. Additionally, this cookie is used to create an ‘audience’ on Facebook, which helps us with creating relevant ad campaigns.

Website analysis

In order to properly analyze the website, we have to be able to count unique visitors (by using the cookies). There are various ways in which this can be done that still safeguard users’ privacy. The website analysis makes use of the following information:

  • City and country (based on the IP address)
  • Operating system (e.g. Windows, iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Browser type (e.g. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.)
  • Visited pages (time and duration of session)
  • Utilized links to and from our website (which links brought you to our website and which links did you use on the website itself)
  • General information like screen resolution and internet speed (to ensure that the website is displayed properly and functions optimally on both monitors and phones)

Privacy-protecting measures

Our cookies have been set to either not collect IP addresses at all, or to partially anonymize them so they can’t be traced back to a specific device.


If you prefer that we don’t place cookies on your device, then we recommend you activate the “Do Not Track” option in your browser. You can also change your browser settings on your own, so you’ll know exactly what your browser does with cookies and other privacy-related matters.

Privacy Policy


Beauty & Care by Ninon respects and values the privacy of her users and customers and is committed to treating your personal information safely, securely, confidentially, and in accordance with the law.

The data collected by Beauty & care by Ninon through the website will not be shared with third parties without written permission. The only possible exception to this is a warrant from law enforcement.

How do we collect data?

Contact Forms
Our website has contact forms to contact us quickly and easily. These forms ask for a user’s name and email address and also contain the information the user chooses to share. The anonymous data regarding the message (e.g. date and time of submission) are kept without an expiration date. The personal information is kept up until three months maximum to facilitate and improve communication with the customer.

We send a monthly newsletter that users can subscribe to. This only requires an email address. This email address will not be used for any other purpose beyond sending the newsletter. Users are free at all times  to unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking “Uitschrijven” / “Unsubscribe” or by contacting us.

Our website contains cookies: check out our cookie policy for more information. The data generated by these cookies are used by us to analyze the website, maintaining it, and improving it. These cookies are all set up in ways that safeguard users’ privacy.

How is this data being used?

The data that Beauty & care by Ninon collects through the website or email communication will not be shared with third parties, except when it is legally required for us to deviate from our privacy policy. This is the case for all types of data, from every source, whether that’s a contact form or a cookie. Personal information is not kept any longer than is necessary.

We utilize various data sets for (technical) maintenance and improvement of the website. Additionally, some of the collected data are used to learn more about our customers. These types of information are anonymized; the cookies on our website are set up, such that they do not collect any information that might be traced back to one particular individual.

Our cookies also generate (general, non-personal) information that can be used by the producers of those cookies (e.g. Google or Facebook). For answers regarding how they deal with cookies and privacy, we recommend you read their cookie policy and particularly their privacy policy.

How safe is the website?

We have enabled encryption across the entire website. That means that information flowing between our website and you, the user, is not readable for outsiders. Aside from that, we take appropriate security measures for our systems. We encourage everyone to report potential security flaws or weaknesses to us so that we can get to work on improving our digital security even further.

Your rights

At all times, you have the right to have all the information we have about you be removed (e.g. contact information). Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

We cannot remove anonymized data, simply because it’s impossible to retrace which information belongs to which individual.

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