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At Beauty & care by Ninon you’ll find professional treatments for nails, hands, and feet. Come visit our salon in Borne. Below, you can see a small overview of the kinds of services we offer.


Nail Styling


Nail Biting

Manicure/Gel Varnish



Nail Repair

Naspan Platinum

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A Relaxing Salon

Our salon, with its soothing colors, is designed to create a relaxing atmosphere. So we can focus completely on you.

Furthermore, the salon is fully equipped to provide you with all the creature comforts you want. You can simply relax for a bit with a cup of coffee or tea and a good conversation. It’s even possible to check out, try, and buy all of our products.

You can find Beauty & care by Ninon’s professional salon in Borne, which lies in the beautiful region of Twente.

Who is Ninon?

Even from a young age I’ve been interested in cosmetics and everything that comes with it. During my education and training, I found out how broad this industry is and how many options there are in taking care of nails, hands, and feet.

My passion and interest in the beauty aspect and the care side of things is fueled every day. Without one, you can’t have the other. My work as an expert allows me to be creative and solve challenges on the fly. I’ve also become more focused on using truly high-quality care products, thereby ensuring I only offer the very best in my salon.

Why Beauty & Care by Ninon?

This is what you can expect from us.

Animal Friendly
and Sustainable

We actively seek out vegan products that are not tested on animals and that minimally impact the environment.

and Diplomas

We regularly take part in extra courses in order to guarantee the best service to our clients.

Casual and

Because there's always room for a joke and a good conversation. We'll provide a pleasant, informal atmosphere.


Check out some examples.

Quit nail biting - check our packages
Beauty & care by Ninon offers gel varnish treatments as well
Quit biting nails - check our packages
A nail studio for men as well
Professional nail styling
Professional pedicures in Twente
Expert nail studio in Borne
Beauty & care by Ninon treats sore feet
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Tips for Nails, Hands, and Feet

Make the most out of every treatment.

We’d love to see everyone having nice, well-groomed hands and feet.
That’s why we also think it’s important to inform you about what you can do at home.

With the tips and advice we’ve written for you, you can get started on your own.


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Tips and Advice


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