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Of course you want to make the most out of every treatment.
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The Value of Self-Care

The more you know about how to care for your hands, feet, and artificial nails, the more value you get out of every treatment. Then you yourself can make sure that your hands, feet, and nails stay pretty for longer. So we will happily give you some tips and advice in these areas.

Thankfully, self-care doesn’t have to take much time. There are a few simple things you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Make Every Treatment Count

Learn about hand, foot, and nail care

Tips for hands, feet, and artificial nails.

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Tips: Care for Hands

Your hands have to weather a lot during the day. Taking good care of them is therefore essential. A manicure treatment can do a lot for you, but you can continue this at home. Invest in good tools and care products. These will help you a lot.

Also try to make hand care a routine for yourself. Then you’ll spend some time and attention on your hands and nails every day. During the treatment you’ll already get a few tips, but if you’re interested in more we recommend you click the button below.

Tips: Care for Feet

Your feet are very important. So taking good care of them is important.

Even though a pedicure can be difficult to do at home, you can do a few things that help to make the most out of a professional pedicure and avoid soreness in the future.

Read our tips about what you can do.

Tips: Care for Artificial Nails

Even though artificial nails can be a quick way to get long, beautiful nails, they do require some maintenance. Artificial nails sometimes seem like ideal tools for openings cans or as a digging machine in the yard, but this is not how they’re supposed to be used.

In our tips we clarify what you can and cannot do with your (artificial) nails, and what you can do at home to care for them.

Feel free to ask us for more information.

We'll also gladly inform you during a treatment.


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