Care For Artificial Nails

Care for Artificial Nails

Tips and advice for nail care.
Read about basic rules, self-care, and preventing damage.

Your Own Nail Care

You use your hands for all kinds of activities in a day, whether you have artificial nails or not. But the last thing you want is one of your fake nails to break. So, how do you exercise proper nail care and ensure that they last as long as possible?

On this page you’ll read all about how you can ensure that your artificial nails last. Even without a nail stylist there is a lot you can do.


  • Warranty
  • Careful
  • Follow-up


  • Protection
  • Nail oil
  • Nail filing
  • Nail polish


  • Not a tool
  • No glue
  • No removal



We give a 7-day warranty for a new set of nails. During that time frame, the nail will be repaired or replaced free of charge. When a nail breaks off, you should immediately notify us through a message along with a photo. If you notify us after that, the warranty is unfortunately void.

If more than four nails break off during those first seven days, we charge 50% of a new set of nails. Damage caused by yourself (e.g. by biting or picking at it) is not covered by the warranty.


Be extra careful during the first two days after a nail styling treatment. Artificial nails can continue to harden for another 48 hours after the treatment, leaving them vulnerable in the meantime.

During the treatment we'll talk about a few things that you'll need to take into consideration.


Artificial nails also need follow-up nail care. The natural nail will continue to grow, thereby creating an imbalance for the artificial nails. On average, a follow-up is required after about three weeks. We'll advise on how many weeks are suitable between the treatments on an individual basis.

Don't wait too long to plan a follow-up. The artificial nails can become unbalanced, thereby increasing the chances of them detaching or breaking. Plus, the outgrowth does not look pretty compared to the artificial nails.

Make the most out of every treatment.

These tips help keep your nails pretty for longer.


Protecting Artificial Nails

Wear gloves! Water and chemicals can affect the durability of the artificial nails and cause various kinds of discomforts.

Water causes the natural nail to saturate itself with moisture. This can expand the nail, as well as make it shrink when it dries again. This can make the mock nails detach. As soon as detachment happens, fungi and bacteria can come in and cause harm. Chemicals can cause matted, brittle nails.

Working in the yard also requires gloves. Don’t give fungi and bacteria a chance!

Use Nail Oil

Artificial nails also require care. It is required for you to use the recommended oil twice daily. If you don’t use the nail oil, your warranty will be void.

When placing a new set of nails, we recommend buying the accompanying oil. This oil has been calibrated to work with the natural nail as well as artificial products. Other nail oils are not advised and will not cover the warranty.

Your purchase of the nail oil will be registered and you will be encouraged to use it.

Nail Filing vs. Clipping

If your fake nails are too long after all, you can shorten them with a file. Do not cut the mock nails! This can be painful and cause them to detach.

Use a glass or stainless steel, high quality file. The finer the grain, the smaller the chances of cuts or cracks in the nails. These files are also easier to clean. Try to avoid disposable files. Aside from the fact that they’re often too coarse, they’re also very environmentally taxing.

Good, proper nail care comes to doing a few small, simple things. This is one of them.

Using Nail Polish

You can use normal nail polish on mock nails. Make sure you apply a base coat, so the color doesn’t seep into the artificial nails.

The nail polish can only be removed by nail polish remover without acetone. Acetone can damage and even dissolve the fake nail.

Also, make sure that the nail polish is already removed before you come to the salon. We’ll have to charge a fee if we have to remove it.

Preventing Damage

Not a Tool

Artificial nails are not tools! So don't use them as such.

They are fragile nails that are not made for strenuous work. Keep this in mind.

No Glue

If a nail has broken off, do not glue it back on!

This can cause all kinds of nasty things, so let a professional take care of the repair.

No Removal

Are your artificial nails bothering you? Don't remove them yourself, but come by instead.

If you try to remove an artificial nail on your own, you can damage the natural nail underneath.

Something wrong with a nail? Come by!

Damage from careless use is not covered by the warranty.

Do you still have questions about something?

Please feel free to contact us.


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