IBX helps Repair, Strengthen, and Protect the Natural Nail

IBX is suitable for everyone with weak nails. This unique treatments works from within and is invisible. It repairs, strengthens, and protects your natural nail.

IBX is for Everyone

IBX is a new and revolutionary product by Famous Names. It is specifically made to repair, strengthen, and protect the natural nail. This will put an end to weak and brittle nails. Since it’s transparent, IBX is suitable for everyone, including men.

Particularly for those who can’t wear artificial nails due to their profession, but who do want strong nails, IBX offers an ideal solution.

An IBX treatment:

  • Repairs damaged nails
  • Strengthens weak nails
  • Protects the natural nail

IBX for Healthy, Strong Nails

Give your natural nails the care they deserve

Treatments and Pricing

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Manicure + IBX


Nail filing, IBX, lumos, nail oil, and hand lotion

+€5   First treatment of IBX
+€25   Gel lacquer

Manicure + IBX + Boost


Nail filing, IBX, IBX boost, nail oil, and hand lotion

+€25   Gel lacquer

IBX Package


Consists of 6 standard IBX treatments and Dadi’oil

Payment is due prior to the treatment to maintain motivation. Contact us for more information.


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IBX Repairs, Strengthens, and Protects

A nail consists of multiple layers. These layers contain keratin, which gives the nail its strength. Between the layers and cells is empty space. Because IBX is absorbed into the nail, it fails up these spaces. Since IBX only adheres to itself, rather than the keratin, it creates a weave. This reinforces the nail, filling up damaged areas, and makes weak nails strong again.

IBX consists of two components. IBX Repair and IBX Strengthen. Those two complement each other in the nail. The Repair is mostly applied to trauma nails, splitting nails, and other sorts of damage. It functions like double-sided tape. The Strengthen is always applied. The products are then heated under a heat lamp and hardened using a UV lamp. You won’t feel any discomfort from this.

Manicure + IBX

This treatment is well suited to everyone, so both men and women, that cares about well-groomed hands and nails. During the treatment we’ll file the nails and care for the cuticles. Any imperfections are removed.

Subsequently, the IBX is applied and hardened. Then, you can also choose whether you want some semi-transparent nail polish. The Dadi’oil is applied to the nail and Dadi’lotion is massaged into the skin.

Both IBX products take longer to take hold the first time around, so during the first treatment, we’ll have to reserve some more time.

Manicure + IBX + Boost

This treatment is the same as above, but with one additional element. The IBX Boost is a reinforcing gel that gives the nail some extra strength. It rests on top of the nail.

It can easily be soaked off of the nail completely, doing only minimal damage to the natural nail. This product is only used in combination with IBX. They support each other, which is why we don’t use them separately.

The natural nail remains flexible, thereby masking the feeling of an artificial product.

IBX Package

We offer an IBX package for everyone who wants to have a longer-lasting effect from the IBX treatments. The package consists of six treatments for which the duration depends on the person.

If IBX is applied as maintenance, this duration can be longer than if you were to come in with trauma nails, for example. It differs per person and situation.

Furthermore, you receive some Dadi’oil with this package to get to even better results. During this package, you will be mentored intensively in order to get the best results.

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