Manicure/Gel Varnish

A Relaxing or Cosmetic Manicure or a Gel Varnish Treatment

We offer a relaxing or cosmetic manicure, as well as gel varnish, which is a long term type of nail polish.

Something for Everyone: Manicures and Gel Varnish

Do you want a relaxing manicure or rather a cosmetic one? Or would you prefer a nail treatment with gel varnish or nail polish? Whichever one you pick, you’ll enjoy lasting results.

Choose from dozens of colors of gel varnish, or go for nail art or jewels. In every treatment, caring for your hands and nails is the top priority.

Healthy Hands and Nails

Care and cosmetics with lasting results

Treatments and Pricing

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Nail filing, polishing, scrub, massage, nail oil, and hand lotion



Nail filing, nail polish, nail oil, and hand lotion

Gel Varnish


Nail filing, base coat, color coat, top coat, nail oil, and hand lotion

+€10   Reinforcement
+€10   IBX

Gel Varnish Removal


Gel varnish removal, nail filing, nail oil, and hand lotion

+€10   IBX


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Relaxing Manicure

Just want to relax during a stressful time, or do you simply want to treat yourself for a bit?

Our relaxing manicure starts with some nail filing and polishing the nails. We subsequently massage some Dadi’scrub into your hands to soften them up. After the scrub, you’ll get a massage of fingers, hands, and wrists.

Finally, we apply some nourishing Dadi’oil to the nails. The treatment ends with some Dadi’lotion and another short massage. Relaxation begins here!

Cosmetic Manicure

A cosmetic manicure is perfect for those that don’t want or can’t have artificial nails.

We’ll file your nails and remove imperfections. We apply a Lumos base coat as a proper foundation for the nail polish. Choose whichever color of nail polish you want to have applied. For a better result, we apply two layers of color. Lastly, we apply a Lumos top coat. This last layer provides extra protection, so you can enjoy longer lasting results.

Once the nail polish has dried, we apply some Dadi’lotion to take care of your hands. Please be very careful with your manicure, since nail polish doesn’t have the longest of lifespans.

Gel Varnish Treatment

Do you want to enjoy your polished nails for longer? Or do you simply want stronger nails without resorting to artificial nails immediately? Then a gel varnish treatment is ideal!

A gel varnish application can easily have you enjoy your nails for two weeks straight. Perfect for a party or even a vacation, for example. We’ll file your nails and apply the base coat. Every gel varnish is hardened by using a UV lamp. Then we apply two layers of color and lastly the glossy or matte top coat.

The treatment ends with Dadi’oil and Dadi’lotion. The oil helps to protect your gel lacquer. We, therefore, highly recommend getting some nail oil to take home with you.

Gel Varnish Removal

If you don’t want the gel varnish anymore, you can come by to get it removed. We absolutely recommend against removing it yourself!

You can damage your nails to the point of extreme weakness, or even detachment. Because gel varnish is not as easily removed as normal nail polish, it takes some work. Once the gel varnish has been removed, you can opt for an additional IBX treatment.

We also make sure to quickly file your nails and apply some nail oil and hand lotion.

Give a Manicure as a Gift

You can give away a manicure treatment as a gift!

With this gift certificate, you can give one lucky person a nice, relaxing moment in our salon.

The gift certificate can be used for all treatments we give regarding nail styling, manicures, and pedicures.

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