Nail Biting

Want to Quit Nail Biting? No more Unhealthy, Damaged Nails

Nail biting is an unhealthy habit that is difficult to quit. Choose a suitable package and we'll help you to quit biting nails.

Quit Nail Biting

Nail biting is an unhealthy habit that often originates from stress or boredom. It can even lead to trauma nails. To quit biting nails requires a lot of discipline and motivation, so every package is set up in order to attend to everyone’s needs, including yours.

Aside from the fact that it’s an unhealthy habit, it can also cause permanent damage. People who bite their nails incessantly often have small wounds and inflammation that can affect the nail. Some of the potential consequences of nail biting are:

  • Chronic trauma nails
  • Detaching nails
  • Inflammation
  • Bacterial infections

With a nail biting package we’ll try to break this burdensome habit together, so you can once again have nice, healthy nails.

Quit Biting Nails Completely

Go for nice, healthy, and strong nails

Treatments and Pricing

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Consists of 5 treatments



Consists of 8 treatments



Consists of 9 treatments and IBX

Payment is due prior to the treatment to maintain motivation.


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Quitting an Unhealthy Habit

In order to help you quit biting nails, we offer various nail biting packages. We’ll tailor every package to your needs in order to get the best results. If needed, it is also possible to change a few things about the chosen approach.

During the intake, we’ll create a personal treatment plan, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. In all packages, caring for the natural nails and cuticles is a priority. You’ll receive a nail file and Dadi’oil to help you care for your nails and remove any potential loose bits. That way you can also have pretty and well-groomed nails and hands.

We ask our clients to pay the entire amount of the package beforehand, in order to maintain motivation. Quitting the treatment before completion will not lead to a refund.

Package Good: Damaged Nails

This package consists of five treatments and usually takes about eight weeks. The package is suitable for people who have short nails without any visible trauma and cuticles that are still in decent to good shape.

During the treatments we will place artificial nails or gel lacquer. Because the nails of a nail biter grow at an above average rate, there will be little time between treatments.

The nails will receive a simple finish and during the last treatment, you’ll get a finish of your choosing. We take pictures along the way to track your progress.

Package Better: Extra Guidance

Package Better consists of eight treatments and usually takes about fourteen weeks. This package is suitable for people who have a more serious nail biting problem and desire more guidance. Especially if you have some small wounds or ingrowing nails, this is a great package to choose.

During the treatments, we’ll apply some gel lacquer with some reinforcement. These nails are thinner, thus giving you time to get used to them. Further down the road, we might opt for artificial nails instead.

Of course, the natural nails is of primary concern. These have to regrow and require good care.

Package Best: Trauma Nails

If you’ve already got trauma nails, along with small wounds or inflammation, this package is for you. It consists of nine treatments and takes about seventeen weeks to complete on average. This package comes with an additional IBX application with every treatment.

The two to three weeks, we start by intensively nourishing the natural nails with Dadi’oil and IBX. Our aim is to improve the trauma nails before we apply an artificial product. After the IBX has been applied, a layer of gel varnish is added. This makes the nails stronger while remaining thin, so they don’t become a bother.

During the last treatment (if you wish), you can get some artificial nails put on with a finish of your choosing.

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