Nail Repair

Nail Repair for Loose Nails,
Torn Nails, or Ugly Nails

Nail repair is an ideal treatment for loose nails, torn nails,
or ugly nails. We use LCN Wilde Pedique for this.

Nail Repair for Problematic Toenails

Unfortunately, a toenail detaching, crumbling, or growing inwards can happen. A nail repair treatment can fix these issues, though. Ugly nails or other sorts of problematic toenails can easily be repaired with LCN Wilde Pedique.

This is an artificial product made of gel. Technically, this is also an artificial nail, but the end result looks just like the real thing. In other words, this treatment is also very suitable for men!

We work with natural colors and camouflage for imperfections.

Don't Wait with Toenail Issues

Repair loose, ugly, or torn nails

Treatment and Pricing

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Nail Repair
LCN Wilde Pedique


from 12,50


The price is based (among other things) on the amount of restoration the nail needs.

We’ll gladly explain what is required to repair your nail.


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Nail Repair with LCN Wilde Pedique

LCN Wilde Pedique is a gel that has specifically been designed to repair and restore toenails. Since it’s a pretty flexible product, it won’t bother you while walking. This product is applied for detached, loose nails or for covering up ugly and torn nails.

When applying LCN Wilde Pedique, it is recommended to also use an anti-lime nail product. This is done as a precaution to not give fungi a chance underneath the mock nail. Fungi love humid environments like shoes.

The product is for sale in the salon. Every other similar product is not recommended, because we can’t guarantee they’ll work well in combination with LCN Wilde Pedique.

Nail Repair for Loose Nails

Of course, it’s possible for your toenail to detach because of trauma or disease. This can be repaired with gel. That’s how we can protect the top of your toe and nobody will notice there’s a nail missing.

It’s practically an invisible solution that is suitable for both men and women. A thin layer of gel is put on top of the existing nail, as well as the missing part.

You can choose from various colors, including pink, transparent, or a combination. There’s a solution for everyone.

Cover Up Ugly Nails

Ugly nails or even torn nails can happen, of course. This can easily be solved and covered up with LCN Wilde Pedique’s nail repair. You’ll always have nice nail this way and you’ll never have to feel embarrassed for them.

You can feel comfortable again while wearing sandals or slippers, without being worried about your feet. Since the gel doesn’t have any eye catching colors, people rarely notice you have something on your nail.

It is also possible to decorate the artificial nail with nail polish or gel lacquer.

Repairing Torn Nails

Do you ever get your socks stuck on a nail, because it’s torn? Or maybe your nail is simply already cracked without growing out of it.

Then a thin layer of gel can be added, so your socks won’t get stuck on your nails anymore. This gel layer ensures that the crack won’t get any bigger, allowing the nail to keep growing as one unit.

So, nail repair can even help out from an early stage.

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