Nail Styling

Nail Styling for Artificial Nails, Acrylic Nails, and Gel Nails

Nail styling has a wide array of options to create beautiful, strong nails that last. Choose from fake nails, acrylic nails, or gel nails. You can also come by for a follow-up or artificial nail removal.

Professional Nail Styling

There are many options when it comes to nail styling. We work with acrylic nails, gel nails, and a combination thereof. Always make sure your fake nails are placed by a certified nail stylist that works with professional, high quality products. Also for a follow-up or artificial nail removal, a nail stylist is essential.

So, what are your options?

  • Acrylic nails: this is a mock system that works with a powder and a fluid. These combine to form the acrylic nail. It is hard, strong, and inflexible.
  • Gel nails: gel nails are created by using a strong gel. This type of nail is more flexible and less hard than an acrylic nail.
  • Easy sculpt: this combines both other system, but takes the best properties from either one. It is strong yet flexible.

During the treatment, we’ll help you pick an option that suits you, although this can be changed going forward.

Professional Nail Styling

Choose your own look.

Treatments and Pricing

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Nail Styling on
Natural Nails


Nails: acrylic / gel / easy sculpt

Nail filing, application, gel lacquer, nail oil, and hand lotion

+€15   French Manicure

Nail Styling
with Extension


Nails: acrylic / gel / easy sculpt

Nail filing, extension, application, gel lacquer, nail oil, and hand lotion

+€15   French Manicure

Follow-up for
Artificial Nails


Nails: acrylic / gel / easy sculpt

Nail filing, filling, gel lacquer, nail oil, and hand lotion

Removal of
Artificial Nails


Nails: acrylic / gel / easy sculpt

Removal, soaking, nail filing, nail oil, and hand lotion

+€10   IBX


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Nail Styling on Natural Nails

This treatment is for attaching the artificial nail system of your choosing to your own nails. Your natural nail will be filed and will receive a small amount of adhesive. When your nail grows, you can get longer and longer nails.

After the fake nails have been applied, you can pick your preferred gel lacquer. The gel lacquer ensures your nails stay pretty for longer and remain glossy.

At the end of the nail styling, we always apply a nourishing nail oil and hand lotion to care for the nails and skin.

Nail Styling with Extension

This treatment focuses on filing away the white edge of your nail and adding an extension. We can do this with either tips or stencils.

Tips are a kind of plastic artificial nails that can partially be glued onto your own nail with special nail adhesive. These are then cut to the desired length. You won’t feel any of this. Stencils are a kind of stickers that placed underneath your nail, providing the basis for the rest of the artificial product.

Afterwards, the gel lacquer is applied, as well as the nail oil and hand lotion.

Follow-up for Artificial Nails

Because your nails keep growing, your fake nails grow as well, of course. This means that there’s an ugly outgrowth on the back of the nail.

Oftentimes, nail styling requires a follow-up every three to four weeks. Schedule your follow-up immediately after your treatment, so you’re sure there’s a spot available. During the follow-up, we’ll file the color off the nail and we’ll file the nails to size again. Afterwards, we apply the same treatment, resulting in a beautiful gel lacquer.

Also a follow-up treatment includes nail oil and hand lotion application.

Removal of Artificial Nails

Maybe at some point you’d like to get your fake nails removed. You want something different, or they don’t mesh well with your work.

We recommend, especially if you’ve had fake nails for a long time, to apply a gel lacquer after removal of the artificial nail system. Fake nails have a certain rigidity that is lost after removal. It can be quite an adjustment to suddenly not have that anymore. A gel varnish provides some rigidity, thereby making the contrast easier to deal with.

Furthermore, IBX is a great addition to repair any potential damage to your natural nails.

Give Nail Styling as a Gift

You can give away a nail styling treatment as a gift!

With this gift certificate, you can give one lucky person a nice, relaxing moment in our salon.

The gift certificate can be used for all treatments we give regarding nail styling, manicures, and pedicures.

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