Naspan Platinum

Naspan Platinum is Nail Correction for Ingrown Toenails

The Naspan Platinum is a toenail brace, specifically designed for painful toenails. This revolutionary brace is new and innovative and provides long term relief from ingrown toenails.

An Innovative Toenail Brace

It’s possible to get an ingrown toenail every now and then, or nails that grow very curved. A toenail brace can be an innovative solution that provides long term pain alleviation by regulating the toenail. The Naspan Platinum is the newest toenail brace for this. Due to its unique pulling and lifting force, you’ll notice relief almost immediately.

The toenail brace ensures that your nail can start growing normally again. This helps both in the short term and the long term for alleviating pain and discomfort.

Don't walk around with painful toenails

Nail correction can provide long term relief

Treatment and Pricing

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Naspan Platinum
Toenail Brace


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The price is based (among other things) on the amount of restoration the nail needs.

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Naspan Platinum: New and Innovative

The Naspan Platinum is a new, innovative toenail brace for correcting ingrown toenails. It’s unique due to its self-regulating functionality. The brace constantly wants to keep itself in its original shape, thereby unburdening the nail.

This toenail brace’s function is guaranteed for six full weeks.

In order to guarantee the quality of the Naspan Platinum, it can only be applied by certified pedicures and podiatrists. Beauty & care by Ninon is certified for placing these braces.

Nail Correction with a Toenail Brace

A toenail brace is often used in the pedicure business. It’s meant to correct a nail that is continuously growing inward. There are various braces on the market, like braces that are glued onto the nail, or braces that are contracted, and more. The innovative Naspan Platinum has already proven itself, which is why we work with it.

Toenail braces ensure that ingrown toenails are less convex in their shape, thereby allowing for quick pain relief. A toenail brace is most often used on the big toe, but can also be applied to small(er) toenails.

When to Use a Toenail Brace

When a nail grows highly convex, a toenail brace can unburden and correct the nail. Especially if you have ingrown nails regularly, a toenail brace can work very well.

It often offers immediate alleviation of pain and discomfort, but usually this is a process that takes a couple of weeks. The aim is pain relief, but also to get the nail to in a normal shape again, thereby avoiding any future issues.

Nail care is done by using nail oil, so that nail stays flexible and well taken care of.

How to Prevent Ingrown Toenails?

An ingrown toenail is a common issue. Oftentimes, narrow shoes are the issues, but it could also run in the family, having a genetic origin. So what can you do about this?

Make sure your shoes and socks are the right size for you and that they are wide enough. Keep your nails clean and don’t cut them too short. Try not to pick at the nail, and don’t cut the nail at an oblique angle. This sort of thing can cause more problems in the future, including inflammation.

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