A Pedicure for Sore Feet, Lime Nails, and Corns, or Choose a Relaxing Foot Treatment

A pedicure can make tired or painful feet feel good again. Don't walk with pain, lime nails, or corns.

A Pedicure is Important

Too many people walk around with sore feet. Go for a pedicure and take care of your feet! Corns, a fissure, or removing calluses will treat and prevent a lot of discomfort. A fungal nail is also the kind of thing you want to treat early on.

Even though your feet are usually hidden in your shoes, they can cause a lot of issues and pain. A certified pedicure salon can help to treat and prevent these problems.

Since not everyone has the same feet, or does the same things, we offer various foot treatments. This way there’s always one to fit your needs.

Feet Need Proper Care

Feel good and comfortable with every step

Treatments and Pricing

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Scrub, foot bath, oil, foot cream, and massage

+€20   Gel lacquer



Clipping nails, polishing, milling, nail oil, and foot cream

+€20   Gel lacquer

Gel Varnish


Nail filing, cuticle cleaning, base coat, color coat, top coat, nail oil, and foot cream

+€15   French pedicure



Suitable for feet with few issues

Clipping nails, polishing, callus removal, a corn / fissure

+€20   Gel lacquer



Suitable for feet with multiple issues

Clipping nails, removal of calluses / corns / fissures

+€20   Gel lacquer

If during the treatment it turns out that more work is required, an additional partial treatment will be billed (this will be discussed beforehand).



Suitable for just the treatment of a corn / fissure / ingrown nail


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Relaxing Pedicure

A relaxing pedicure is great if you’re looking to decompress a bit.

We start the treatment with a delightful scrub and massage. After that you’ll get a foot bath with oils that smell delicious. Lastly, we apply some nail oil and massage your feet with some foot cream.

During the entire treatment, relaxation is the number one priority. It’s up to you whether you want to chit chat or just hang back. We’ve got scented candles burning, the lights are dimmed, and you are priority number one for a while.

Cosmetic Pedicure

For the cosmetic pedicure, taking care of the nails is the primary focus. This is a good option for those who have smooth feet without any issues.

The nails are clipped, filed, and polished. Subsequently, the skin is treated to remove some dead skin and similar imperfections. Lastly, we apply some Dadi’oil on your toenails and we massage some Dadi’lotion into your feet.

You can expand this pedicure with a gel varnish treatment, which allows you to enjoy the results for even longer.

Gel Varnish on Toes

Gel varnish is ideal for toenails. It stays on for a long time, thereby always making your nails look good. This is especially perfect for vacations!

Usually, the gel lacquer stays on for about five to six weeks. We advise against keeping it on for more than six weeks. Since the nail is getting closed off, it is wise to keep an eye on what’s happening underneath the gel varnish.

During the treatment, we’ll file the toenails and make sure the surrounding areas are properly cleaned. We then apply the base coat, color coat, and top coat. Lastly, we nourish the nails and skin by applying Dadi’oil and Dadi’lotion.

Painful Feet and Lime Nails

If you have a fissure, corn, ingrown nail, fungal nail, or calluses, then a standard foot treatment is a good option for you. We’ll solve the issue and deal with the source of your discomfort. We cut and file your nails, as well as make the whole foot smooth and well-groomed.

If you’re experiencing multiple problem areas, this treatment can also be expanded to deal with all the issues.

Unfortunately, it’s possible to have more issues than one treatment can fix. In that case, we recommend that you visit us again soon, or to add an extra partial treatment to your current visit.

Give a Pedicure as a Gift

You can give away a pedicure treatment as a gift!

With this gift certificate, you can give one lucky person a nice, relaxing moment in our salon.

The gift certificate can be used for all treatments we give regarding nail styling, manicures, and pedicures.

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